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To The Mood & Back :
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Our mission : helping you to accomplish all your projects, with passion.

Established in 2021, To the Mood & Back We are a communications and marketing agency, equipped with an extensive array of skills to provide comprehensive support for all your entrepreneurial endeavors.
Strategic marketing, graphic design, digital marketing (website and social networks), and scenography... every aspect is meticulously crafted!

As a compact, adaptable, and approachable entity, we embrace the opportunity to dedicate the requisite time to fully immerse ourselves in your realm, your challenges, and gain an intricate understanding of your customers and target audience. Our goal is to deliver the optimal solutions – those that genuinely address your needs and resolve your dilemmas. Collaboratively, we forge the most suitable strategies for your market, meticulously selecting the most potent tools and channels to realize marketing and communication strategies specifically attuned to your requisites and reflective of your values.

With more than ten years' experience in marketing, webmarketing and communications, the agency To the Mood & Back positions itself as a key player in your digital transformation, providing you with passionate support and advice in the implementation of your most varied projects:
marketing & digital strategy, branding, communication, website redesign, website creation, graphic design, blogging, content writing, SEO optimization, community management, scenography, architectural concept ...

Anything to do with creativity is our business.



Audit stratégique & élaboration d’une stratégie adaptée et personnalisée
Travail sur les objectifs, positionnement, piliers, valeurs & cibles
Stratégie éditoriale (blog & social media)
Inbound marketing & marketing digital
Réflexions parcours clients & expérience utilisateur




Brand Book & identité de marque
Chartes graphiques
Créations de logos
Bannières web
Affiches, flyers, faire-part, cartes de visite
Brochures, catalogues


Community Management & Social Media
Refonte de site internet
Création de site web
Suivi de projet web (e-commerce)
Optimisation SEO
Rédaction de contenu
Brand content pour référencement naturel



Scenography & interior design

Création de stands pour expositions ou salons professionnels
Création d’un univers pour une boutique ou un shop-in-shop
Direction artistique pour concepts de design expérientiel

They trust us

Meet me!

I'm Marion: founder of
To the Mood and Back

I confess: I still have a thousand ideas a minute...!
There's nothing more exhilarating than witnessing an idea transforming into a project, and a project materialising into reality.
With a fervent spirit of creativity, profound curiosity, and a perpetual search for innovation, I relish conceiving ideas, executing projects, and savouring the outcomes.

A decade ago, I ventured into the realm of digital and online shops, and I am captivated by this rapidly evolving domain. Its constant progression enchants me with its offerings—an exhibition of creativity that energises me daily. I remain vigilant, intrigued by all the digital mechanisms that have made it imperative to incorporate web marketing and social media in any marketing strategy.

My passion for dance also burns fervently; comprehending how the body moves through space enthralls me. Thus, it was only natural for me to gravitate towards interior design. M&B extends its services in scenography, decoration, and spatial conceptualisation, facilitating deliberate brand world designs where bodies can navigate seamlessly.

Ultimately, M&B epitomises the role of the chief architect of a brand's image.

Photo credits: Marie Gibert


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